6 Tips for Choosing the Right Office Furniture in Bangkok

If you are looking to redecorate your new or existing office, you will need office furniture, right? This task of selecting office furniture in Bangkok is often very daunting for non-professionals. For example, how many tables do you need, what style and size should they be, how will they be configured! Not to mention seating and lighting and cabinets and shelving and so forth. There is a lot to consider when furnishing an office space.

Choosing furniture for your office is about more than simply browsing through a catalogue and picking at random. You must carefully consider your individual needs and what will work best in your space and within your budget. To help you out, the following six tips will help you choose the right office furniture for your space.

 Made to Measure

First things first, don’t make the newcomer mistake of not measuring your office space before purchasing furniture; otherwise you’ll be in for a rude surprise! You need to check that it will a) fit through the doorway and b) align with doors and walls. Also take into consideration areas for walking, storage, eating and decorations (i.e., pot plants and displays).

Choose Functional Furniture

If you choose an office desk just because you think it looks flashy, you will quickly learn that you made a big mistake and will regret it down the line. Go for function over form; what you select should be practical and provide you with a good basis for your needs. For example, don’t choose a small, narrow desk without drawers if you need to spread out large papers and store files.

Find Your Style

With functionality top of mind, select office furniture in Bangkok that reflects the type of business you run and public persona you want to reflect. If you are an eco-conscious organisation, don’t opt for cheap plastic furniture, go with sustainable wood. Similarly, if you are a company CEO, go with furniture that’s solid and professional, not something you put together yourself from IKEA.

Sufficient Storage Space

As mentioned above, don’t forget to have storage space worked into your master design plan. Don’t sacrifice storage for style as nobody wants to be tripping over boxes of clutter. This could be in the form of filing cabinets, bookcases, safes, side tables and so forth. Keep in mind that the storage options you pick should not be gaudy and should match your overall office furniture style.

Opt for Ergonomic Chairs

They may be more expensive, but there are good reasons ergonomic chairs are recommended. In the long run, they’ll save your employees a raft of health issues and they’ll be much more productive. Select chairs that match your overall theme (style, colour, etc.), but are also adjustable for different people’s height and weight.

Think Two Steps Ahead

Sitting down and planning out your current office furniture in Bangkok needs is relatively simple but take time also to consider what your future needs might be. If there is a good chance for your staff with a double in the next year, consider that when ordering the size and quantity of desks to fill your space. Also, think about how the general look and fill of the office will change with added personnel.


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