Beware of fake bird nest drink, made out of water.

A convenience store owner in Pathum Thani Province was sold fake bird nest drink. The seller said he didn’t know the drink was fake, but out of good spirit, he would buy it back.


The victim is a convenience store owner in Klong 4, Klong Luang, Pathum Thani Province stated that there was an old man who came walking into her store and offered to sell bird nest drink and juice at a special price. After she had already bought the drinks, she decided to have a bottle of bird nest but turns out it was just normal water.




Priyanuch 28 years old the store owner contacted the media to share her story in good hopes to warn other convenience store owners to beware. Knuanjeu 62 years old the seller came to see Priyanuch on the 16th of this month (July 2019). The seller wanted to give the victim her money back along with asking for the drinks back.


Knuanjey stated that he works as a wholesale distributor for convenient stores around Pathum Thani and Saraburi Province. On Saturday he went to buy some items at Talad Thai which is a large wholesale market in Pathum Thani. When he arrived at the parking lot and was parking his car, a man came to offer him bird nest drinks at 50 THB per pack, usually, he buys bird nest at 66 THB per pack. Because it was so cheap, he decided to buy some from the man.


The man then invited Knuanjey to come to get the bird nest drinks from his car parked outside of the market. When they arrived he decided to buy 75 packs which are 450 bottles of bird nest and the seller gave him 4 more packs for free. Knuanjey thought the man was just being generous and didn’t think anything about it at the moment.




On the 15th he decided to have a bottle of bird nest and discovered that it is just water. This is when Knuanjey realized he was sold fake bird nest. So he decided to drive to the convenient stores that he sold the bird nest drinks to and returned the money to take responsibility for the fake products as he didn’t want to lose his customers.


Knuanjey stated that he truly didn’t realize that the bird nest drinks were fake as it looked exactly like what he had purchased at the market before. Priyanuch stated that when she realized the seller was also lied to about the bird nest and that he was willing to take full responsibility she forgave him and also felt sorry for the loss of his money.


FB Caption: The bird nest drink looked exactly like what he had purchased before from another shop, turns out it’s just plain water inside.


Source: Sanook