Beware of Stone-throwing gang in Pathum Thani

2 girls were attacked by a rock-throwing gang in Klong 8, Pathum Thani Province on 18 March 2020. The girls did the right thing and continued driving instead of stopping the motorbike. One of the girls was injured in the accident but thankfully it was nothing too serious. The incident was posted online by a Facebook User named “Bored of humans, they talk a lot” in Thai. The user wanted to warn other citizens in the area.


The user stated “As I was driving in Klong 8 a stone-throwing gang attacked my motorbike. I was sure that they wanted to rob me so I decided to keep on driving. There were 2 of us in the vehicle and my friend was bleeding. This was during the night, hopefully, others will take this as a warning to be extra careful when driving at night, especially if you’re alone. Share this post to help spread the word”.


Khaosod News Team contacted the victims and interviewed them on 20 March 2020. Jiraporn Parndang 21 years old and Rattina Hirikokul 21 years old. Jiraporn was the passenger who was injured by the stone-throwing gang. The girls revealed that this incident happened during the night of the 18th. Rattina was driving the motorbike and together they had just bought some grilled chicken and sticky rice.


Credit: Khaosod


Jiraporn felt a sharp pain like something had just hit her chest. The girls decided to not stop the car and continued driving to escape the dangerous area where the gang was waiting. When they arrived home Jiraporn realized there was a rock on her pants. And she was bleeding. Her boyfriend drove back to the area but no one was there. The girls went to the hospital and filed a report at the Lam Luk Ka Police Station on the 19th. After the story went online, other netizens revealed that they were also attacked by the stone-throwing gang on Klong 8 near Wat Don Yai Temple.


FB Caption: The girls did the right thing and continued driving instead of stopping the motorbike.


Source: Khaosod