Book Review: Valuable guidelines for cyber success

The Conversion Code by Chris Smith, hardback edition published this year by John Wiley & Sons, 174 pages, available at Asia Books for 850 baht.

WITH the cyber world so heavily wrapped around our real world, people in all spheres of life have now to constantly learn new ways of doing things and most importantly getting and keeping useful Internet tools.

Often a source of information that helps us keep abreast if not get ahead is not directly related to our profession and this could be the case with this book because while it is aimed at helping real estate agents with their marketing it gives so much information on the digital sphere that all would find it helpful.

However those who are at the bottom rung of the cyber ladder thus know very little about it aside from may be just sending emails might have to struggle to follow the Internet moves covered in the book.

Yes, indeed Facebook, Twitter, Google, YouTube among a host of other platforms can drive any business to new heights but exactly how to go about it is the key to success.

Chris Smith, who previously co-authored another book, Peoplework, and is a keynote speaker as well as co-founder of Curaytor which is a real estate marketing company for realtors, gives us a lot of really valuable information in this book with one example being as follows:

“Because our brains process visuals 60,000 times faster than they do text, a critical component of cracking The Conversion Code is to understand that design, not words, build trust online.

“Words matter, sure. In fact, copywriting should be an obsession for every business that wants to be successful using the Internet.

“Writing great WEB copy for Facebook ads, lead follow-up emails, Tweets, and so forth is a new skill set most are missing.

“But if you want an online consumer to actually read what you write, you actually need an ‘image is everything’ mindset.”

This is particularly relevant for a lot of companies which, as the book says, have a website so poorly designed that they are willing to admit they wouldn’t hire themselves based on that.

Another vital tip this author shares with us is that before a sales pitch one should always do a Google search but not just for the lead’s name unless it is very unique but the email address

“Think of a lead’s email address as their online thumbprint or Social Security number. There may be millions of people with my name, but there are zero people with my exact email address.

“You should also use email addresses when searching for people on social media sites like Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn. We all register for those sites using our email address, so when you search by email it finds one result, not tens of thousands.”

Steep is the climb to the top of the Internet mountain although a lot of us would be happy just to reach the first rest spot.  However even getting there is tough and among the books that will help us as we move up one step at a time this this one.


TOP: The hardback cover of The Conversion Code written by Chis Smith which gives a lot of useful Internet guidelines. Photo: Thai Residents photographers

By Nina Suebsukcharoen






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