Microsoft unveils Surface Pro 2017

YOU read that right, the present model being sold in Thailand is Surface Pro 4 (yes, the half-tablet-half-notebook) which will soon be replaced with the newer Surface Pro 2017 (not Surface Pro 5).

Microsoft Surface Pro 2017 five

The long overdue refreshment of the line has finally arrived 2 years after the Surface Pro 4 launch in 2015. The changes in this 2017 model are lighter and thinner body, faster fan-less processors (in Intel’s 7th-gen Core processors M3 and i5), longer self-claimed 13.5 battery life (big jump from 9 hours in previous model), wider angle hinge design that can be pushed to 165 degrees (almost flat), and optional LTE Advanced radio (due later in the year).

The bad news is that the previously bundled Surface Pen is now sold separately at 99 USD but now has tilt sensitivity and its pressure sensitivity is upgraded to 4,096 levels from the old 1,024-level, no USB-C port that is quite present standard already, user still stuck with one full-size USB 3.0, one mini display port, and one microSDXC reader slot 

Microsoft Surface Pro 2017 , two

Microsoft claimed that its Surface Pro 2017 is 1.7 times faster than the iPad Pro. It was said to be available for pre-order on Microsoft website and shipping will start on June 16 but ran to Microsoft Thailand website only to find a localized content of the new machine with the word “soon” all over instead of the “pre-order” link. We’ll let you know as soon as it is truly available.


Top and inset: What the Microsoft Surface Pro 2017 looks like inside out.

By Piboon Awasdaruharote

Microsoft Surface Pro 2017 .one


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