Movability is key to decorating small condos

THE hottest trend in decorating a small condominium is ensuring that all the furniture is moveable with nothing affixed to the walls, Niwat Aunprueng, senior partner of P Interior and Associates (PIA) said recently.

As he sees it, the ability to move furniture around one’s unit will be even more pronounced in the years to come after already turning into a priority in design work this year.

Niwat A.“For low-cost living, I suggest movability – this will be 100% successful.

“If we jump beyond what’s happening today, that is everything is fixed, at that point in future one would be able to shift everything – those who want to eat while looking at the view would be able to move their furniture outside.

“If they want to have a picnic on the verandah they would be able to roll out the kitchen apparatus there.”

Mr Niwat added that greater multi-utilization, which two key hotel brands have already implemented in their rooms, will spread to small units.

“These hotel chains say their guests are only using an iPhone and an iPad these days, they don’t bring a laptop along with them anymore, so why put a desk in the room?

“Desks can be left out because their guests work on the sofa. Two brands have made these changes but I can’t mention their names.

“You could even say this is the new dimension for 2017, this is what is coming up.”

Small condo owners should realize that they do not need both a dining table and a desk because one table can double up for both purposes. Moreover for those living alone this table need not be bigger than one by one meter.

This well-known designer added that today one no longer divides space with there being only one zone to work on.

“What will be left is a sofa which can be turned into a bed and a coffee table which can be used as a desk – this is multi-purpose use in one area.”

While not expecting condo units to shrink beyond 22 to 25 square meters, Mr Niwat does believe more of these small units will enter the market as land prices continue to soar and thinks the interior could even start looking like a capsule.

He urges those with small budgets to not lose heart by pointing out that their petite homes can indeed look great provided they have good taste.

“Even if we just paint the walls and arrange the furniture, the selection we make, particularly the furniture and the fabric, is quite important.

“Far more than any amount of money, this shows your taste.

“But making a unit look good with only a little bit of money also depends on the owner having good understanding of him or herself.

“Don’t follow the trend, understand yourself and work out what you like. If you like black but navy blue is trendy don’t go for that.”

Although developers today almost fully furnish these small condominiums leaving very little room for any design work, Mr Niwat mentioned that it is always possible to negotiate for a bare unit at a lower price.


TOP: While this bedroom at a Canapaya Residences condominium looks very lavish, a small unit can look equally attractive in a different way.

INSET: Mr Niwat says condo owners should understand themselves before decorating their units.

By Nina Suebsukcharoen



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