Public warned not to hack their electricity meters

THE Provincial Electricity Authority i(PEA) issued a stern warning to the public not to tamper with their electricity meters and steal the power supply after catching one Chonburi householder red-handed doing so, reported today (September 6, 2018).

Mr Piyaphat Boonwathee, 45, an official at PEA’s Chonburi office, warned that those caught hacking their meters under the current crackdown on such theft will first have to pay a fine, but they will be sued if they repeat the offense.

PEA officials yesterday went to inspect a meter at a townhouse in Chonburi city after noticing that its electricity bills had suddenly dropped.

Upon ascertaining that this townhouse has been stealing electricity, they called the head of the household out for questioning.

However he said he has been living in this townhouse for 3 years now and did not know that the electricity meter had been tampered with by the previous tenants.

He was sent to pay a fine at the PEA office in this city.


Top: PEA officials checking the power meter outside the Chonburi townhouse yesterday. Photo: