Python attacks a 4 year old in a condo bathroom.

A 4-year-old child was attacked by a python while using the bathroom. The story was shared by the mother on her Facebook “Andy Punnada Leung-Aram”. The incident took place on 1 August 2020 at 5 am. The mother stated “I never thought this would happen to me after seeing stories in the news. I live at a condo right in the city near On Nut BTS Station. At about 5 am my daughter needed to go to the bathroom. She prefers for me to wait by the door out front and was tired so I turned on the living room lights to help her eyes. While I was waiting for her she stated her stomach was hurting.


Facebook User: Andy Punnada Leung-Aram


I went inside to see what she left behind in the toilet to see if it was normal. I spotted a long string and thought it was poo. So I flushed the toilet once then helped her clean up before washing again and flushed the second time. My daughter said there was still some pain and wanted to sit on the toilet for a little longer. I stood and waited in front of the door. She called me and I went in to help her clean up again. This time I turned on the bathroom lights and still noticed the long string so I asked her about it. I started to have a weird feeling so I lifted my child off the toilet immediately. 


Then suddenly as I lifted her up the snake jumped out of the toilet and bit my child’s bum. I tried to pull her up and fell on the floor while holding her. I could tell that her skin had been ripped out of its mouth. My husband heard a scream saying “snake bit our daughter”. He ran out of the bedroom. The first thing I did was hold her high to save her head. I covered the wound with a tissue and tried to squeeze blood out. I grabbed the car keys and told my husband we were heading to the hospital. 


Facebook User: Andy Punnada Leung-Aram


I ran to the car while my husband tried to find the snake and find out whether it was venomous. The snake had made an escape and returned in the toilet to wherever it came from. The security guards were notified to help find the snake. I was shocked so I told my husband to try and suck the venom out even though we didn’t know what type of snake it was. He did it multiple times. I have to warn all of you to never do this, if the snake was venomous he would die first. 


My daughter said she wasn’t nauseous and was breathing normal but there was pain on the bite. We arrived at the hospital within 20 minutes and headed to the emergency department. The doctor said this was a python’s bite as a venomous snake would leave behind 2 deep marks while non-venomous snakes would leave many small marks. There were still other risks from the bacteria. My daughter received antibiotics through the IV and is safe in recovery. We are now helping her heal from PTSD, she still won’t return to the normal toilet but time and parent’s actions will help”.  


FB Caption: This is another case of a snake in the toilet, thankfully it was a python and not a venomous snake. 


Source: Facebook User: Andy Punnada Leung-Aram