Tips of Wearing Baju Kurung to Interview

When we discuss appropriate attire for job interviews, most women will only emphasize wearing something formal like a complete suit with a blazer which is usually paired with slacks and a collared shirt. However, little do they know, the everyday clothes they wear such as baju kurung could also be styled during the interview session without having to waste money buying new clothes. Action speaks louder than words. That is the importance of the dress code during the interview because in fact, the way we dress already symbolizes our personality to the interview panel. A clean and neat appearance during the interview session is very important and should be emphasized to show that we are confident and have high discipline. This time we will share a few tips in choosing baju kurung for the interview session.

Baju kurung is a suitable and safe clothing to wear when attending an interview. However, you need to follow the correct guideline to give a good first impression. In terms of design, baju kurung that is suitable to wear is either plain, striped, or textured fabric. Avoid wearing patterned and floral baju kurung, animal prints, or patterns that are too large. Besides, wear a baju kurung designed from the fabric that can make the baju kurunglook neat and tidy when you wear it. Among the suitable fabrics are linen, Thai silk, and cotton.

Avoid wearing baju kurung made of thin, soft, and wavy fabrics such as chiffon and satin. This is because the fabric choices are more suitable for events and don’t portray a strong lead character. It could reduce your chances especially if you are applying for a position in top management.

You should also avoid wearing baju kurung that has too many colors. The total color of your baju kurung should not be more than three colors as it will cause your appearance to look fibrous and too lively and distracting. Avoid wearing bright-coloured baju kurung, and choose baju kurung that is a soft tone or darker colour. Another big NO in donning baju kurung for the interview is wearing tight-fitting and too exposing design. Baju kurung should also be simple and avoid too many accessories such as beads and lace. Shiny clothing is also not recommended to be worn as it will distract with the interviewer’s view.

Apart from appropriate formal attire, you also need to be careful in selecting your shoes, accessories, scarves, and make-up so you will look classy and professional while attending the interview. Avoid wearing accessories that are large, shimmering, and moving because they will distract you and the interviewer during the interview session. Appropriate make-up during the interview is simple, minimal, neat, and enough to cover a pale face

Lastly make sure you enter the interview room while wearing a smile, cheerfulness, and confidence on your face. The appearance is only part of the factors that will help you to succeed in the interview. Such visuals will reflect your inner passion and commitment to the company.