Tooth Implant Can Cost Less in Thailand

If you find that you need to have a tooth implant, consider having it done in Thailand. Tooth implants can cost less in Thailand than in your home country, and Thai dentists maintain very high standards.

Many people who love to travel have fallen in love with the beautiful beaches, great food, and warm, friendly atmosphere of Thailand. They visit it often. Discovering the lower prices for quality dentistry makes it an easy decision if you need to have a dental implant installed.

Dental implants are generally a two-step process, with several months in between the steps for the gum and the jaw to heal.

The first part of the process installs the titanium insert into the jawbone by making an incision into the tissue of the jaw. The dentist may feel your jaw needs more mass to support the insert and may also perform a bone graft that uses your own bone to strengthen your jaw. After the bone graft, the dentist screws the insert into the jawbone and then closes the incision.

The patient usually heals for 3-5 months before step two. There is no outside time limit on the healing process between the steps. If you want to wait a year or more before undergoing step two, you can. This allows people to plan annual vacations around tooth implants.

In the second step, the dentist opens up the gum’s tissue again. They insert a small piece called an abutment into the top of the implant. The abutment serves as a safety feature of the tooth implant in case the crown should ever be broken or damaged. The abutment can be unscrewed from the titanium implant without having to remove the entire implant.

The dentist then builds a crown that matches the surrounding teeth’ color and opacity. They attach the crown to the top of the abutment, close the incision in the gum, and the procedure is finished.

Visit Ivory Dental Clinic in Bangokok

The overall lower cost of living in Thailand means the money you save that makes the country so attractive as a vacation destination also extends to the tooth implant costs in Thailand. Dental implants simply cost less while still maintaining high-quality international standards.

The Ivory Dental Clinic is one of the best clinics for dental implants, as well as a full roster of other modern dental procedures. They can perform a single tooth implant or install permanent dentures using all-on-4 to all-on-6 implant procedures.

A family vacation to Thailand is a perfect opportunity to have all your dental work taken care of for much less than you might spend at home. The money you save can help pay for your vacation.

Learn more about the details and costs of having a tooth implant or other dental work performed in Thailand. Contact the Ivory Dental Clinic for a consultation by phone, or book an appointment the next time you’re in Bangkok.