Warning: Fake foreign soldier fraud

In the world of Social Media, everyone can become a victim to fraudulent acts due to how easy it is to connect to one another. In this case, is a classic method that changes its form as time moves on. Where the motive is to make you believe that you will be receiving a large sum of money, all you have to do is pay a fee before you can actually receive the money. Before you know it, your money is gone and so is the promised money along with the fraudulent person.




In this case, Nuanjun Kumbai 42 years old, an owner of a jewelry shop was contacted on Facebook by a man named Alvin Paschal. She explained the events that took place to Sanook news team that she was added as a friend on Facebook by the man and they have been talking for about one week.


Alvin told her that he was a soldier fighting at war in his country, where the war was so bad the banks were not open for business and that he needed to send his money by delivery in a box by someone. He told her that there is approximately 1.5 million US dollars or about 45 million THB in the box and that she could use the money when she receives it. All she had to do was pay the tax for the money at 36,000 THB, then the box of money will be delivered to her.


Nuanjun responded to Alvin by stating that she has no money and then proceeded to send Alvin a picture of her bank account with 17 THB in it. Alvin continued to send her messages with requesting Nuanjun to send him money at a bank account named “Pariyapad Vongsanin” at Krungsri bank, which is well known in Thailand as it is a Thai bank.


Nuanjun was smart enough to recognize that this was a fraudulent act, but she has found out that other people have fallen for the trick. Especially because after telling her about the box of money, he also attached a picture of the box in the messages.


The latest trick that Alvin tried to pull on Nuanjun was when she was contacted by a call center that there has been a parcel sent to her from Afghanistan with Alvin Paschal as the sender. But, Nuanjun will have to pay customs tax to receive the parcel. Nuanjun just laughed it off before hanging up.


Nuanjun wanted to warn other social media users of the fraud that is currently being used. Some may believe the fake soldier because he will try to use a large amount of money as a lure for your money.




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Source: Sanook