Warning against food poisoning on New Year holidays

The New Year period is when many people choose to take a holiday with friends or family. One of the most popular destinations are locations away from the heat of the city. This often involves traveling far up hills and mountains. Although having fun and enjoying your time off is important, but one factor that cannot be ignored is eating the right food.


Food poisoning is caused by consuming bacteria, virus, and parasites. The main cause of this is food that has not been cooked enough, washed, leftovers, and most importantly water that has not been filtered. This is common in hard to reach areas such as mountains, as water and food take more time to reach the destination, then before we consume the food, it is unclear how fresh and clean the food is.





When traveling to a new location, often times there is not much choice for the sources of food and water, where most end up drinking and eating from the closest restaurant or shop that they can find. We understand that it is not an easy task to always find the right food to eat, but there are precautions and safety measures recommended by Mthai that will make sure your holidays don’t end up as a nightmare in the toilet. This includes,  

1. Always cook the food to a boiling point.

2. Make sure that all the food and especially the meat is cooked thoroughly before consuming.

3. Consume the food right after it has been cooked to avoid contamination.

4. Any leftovers must be reheated before consuming.

5. Make sure to always separate cooked and raw foods in separate air closed containers.

6. Always wash your hands before preparing, cooking, and consuming the food.

7. Prepare and cook food in clean areas and at least 1 meter above the ground.

8. Always use clean water that is clear and free from any particles.

9. Prepare medication in case you are met with food poisoning, for example, Carbon tablets, Paracetamol, Oral Rehydration Salts, and other medications your that your doctor recommends.


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The Department of Disease Control has established a warning against 10 dishes that requires extra precaution before consuming. This includes,


  1. Raw Beef salad
  2. Raw Shrimp Salad
  3. Oyster and seafood salad
  4. Fried rice with crab meat on top
  5. Foods with ingredients of coconut milk
  6. Rice noodles and sauce
  7. Chicken rice with soup (Kao Mun Gai)
  8. Papaya Salad (Som Tum)
  9. Salads
  10. Ice


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Source: Mthai