88 monkeys saved from men who eat their brains

Eighty-eight ling-samae monkeys on the way to restaurants in Cambodia were rescued yesterday (May 27, 2021) by Thai policemen who had set up a roadblock to prevent illegal migrants from entering Thailand, the Thai-language daily Thai Rath reported today.

The policemen stopped a pick-up truck and were shocked to find 102 monkeys inside 17 containers. Fourteen of them were found dead.

The pick-up driver told the police that he had been hired by a man in Phichit Province to send the monkeys to Wattana-nakhon District in Sakaew Province, where another man will take the monkeys into Cambodia.

The monkeys will be butchered and eaten by Chinese men, according to the driver. He received 3,000 baht for delivering the monkeys. He had delivered the monkeys three times.

The rescued monkeys were later sent to the Center for Helping Wild Animals Unit 1 in Nakhon Nayok Province.