Brexit from the planet Earth?

TENSION among the world superpowers has still prevailed as seen in Sputnik’s news headline saying: After Its Nuclear Attack, the UK Would be “Wiped Off” the Face of the Earth.

This reminds many of the recent reports in many Western newspapers that a self-proclaimed “messenger of God” who predicted President Trump’s rise to power has warned global nuclear war is just a few weeks away.

A mystic who goes by the name of Horacio Villegas has revealed World War III is coming on May 13 and will end around October this year.

Michael Fallon, British Defense Secretary, recently confirmed his Prime Minister Theresa May is prepared to launch Trident in a first strike attack in the most extreme circumstances, even if Britain itself was not under nuclear attack.

Trident is the UK’s nuclear missile system designed as a deterrent to stop foreign powers attacking Britain and its allies.

In a response to Mr Fallon’s remark, first deputy chairman of the defense committee in Russia’s upper house of parliament Frants Klintsevich warned of the devastating consequences of such an action.

He said that it deserves a tough answer and that he is not afraid to overdo it. “At best, Fallon’s threat should be viewed as a type of ‘psychological warfare,’ which in this context is an especially disgusting menace. Otherwise, this looks particularly bad as the question naturally arises: who is it that the UK is ready to preemptively use nuclear weapons against?” Klintsevich commented on his Facebook page.

He added in his post: “If Britain attacks a nuclear power, it would be ‘literally wiped off’ the face of the Earth by a responsive strike given its not-too-vast territory.”

Pok Pluek Thorarat, commented in his news page on Facebook on this issue that it will surely be a Brexit 2.0 not from the EU but from the face of the Earth!

Alexei Leonkov, a military expert and commercial director of “Arsenal of the Fatherland” magazine suggested UK is following Washington’s example. Earlier in April senior US intelligence officials said US is prepared to launch a preemptive strike against North Korea should officials become convinced that North Korea is about to follow through with a nuclear weapon test.


Top: British Prime Minister Theresa May and Russian President Vladimir Putin. Photo: Getty Images / AFP via BBC

By Kowit Sanandang


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