Crystal meth found in Monk goods, OTW to Australia.

Officials discovered crystal meth hidden in monk goods planned to be sent to Australia. Wichai Chamongkol from the Narcotics Control Board reported on 4 August 2021 that officials from the Airport Interdiction Taskforce (AITF), Thai Customs, and related officials discovered a big lot of drugs planned to be sent to an address in Australia. The drugs were hidden inside 2 shipments. The first shipment is sent from Nong Bon, Bangkok. Inside the shipment was 490 grams of crystal meth hidden inside a pillow. The pillow was one of the monk goods made from orange fabric, the color worn by monks in Thailand. 


Credit: Sanook


The second shipment did not have a clear address and was scanned in at the Khlong Chan Post Office in Bang Kapi District, Bangkok. The destination address was also in Australia. Inside the package was 845 grams of crystal meth. The drugs were hidden inside pain relief patches in the original packaging with hopes to disguise the real product. In total from both shipments officials discovered 1,335 grams of crystal meth. The drugs were discovered at the export warehouse in Suvarnabhumi Airport, Samut Prakan Province. The drugs have now been seized and police will continue the investigation to find persons related to the drugs.  



Wichai stated the drugs were hidden inside monk goods designed to hide the real products. This is the first time officials found drugs inside monk goods. Drug smugglers are trying new ways to hide drugs in hopes of successfully exporting drugs out of Thailand. Although very creative, officers at the export warehouse still found out the real goods. Australia is a famous destination for drugs sent out from Thailand. Officials have started an investigation relating to the case. Evidence from the case has been collected with plans to bring in the sender and those connected to the drugs for prosecution. Information from the case has also been sent to Australian officials. 


Credit: Sanook


FB Caption: Drug smugglers are trying new ways to hide drugs in hopes of exporting drugs out of Thailand


Source: Sanook