Drunk doctor on plane tried to jump down from the sky.

A doctor had drunk too much alcohol while on a flight from Bangkok to Russia. He drank over 2 bottles of alcohol then tried to open the emergency exit on the airplane while the plane was flying at an altitude of 33,000 feet in the air.


Credit: Sanook
Credit: Sanook


A scary incident took place on a flight from Bangkok heading to Moscow, the capital city of Russia. A man became extremely drunk on the flight after consuming too many alcoholic drinks. The other passengers on the flight decided to tie the man and secure him in a seat to make sure that he doesn’t succeed in the mission of opening the emergency exit door.


Daily Mail a UK news website shared photos of the incident online. The plane belonged to Aeroflot Airlines, a Russian Airline. The man told everyone on the plane that he was a doctor, then after he became extremely drunk to the point of insanity he stood up from his seat and headed towards the emergency exit.


At the time, the plane was flying at 33,000 feet, other passengers in the plane became extremely afraid of the man and the danger that he might cause. All the male passengers than decided at once to secure the man back into a seat for others safety. When they got hold of him, he screamed and kept on complaining.




The man was strapped down to a flight attendants seat while the other passengers kept good watch of him. Finally, the plane landed safely in Moscow where the man was reported to be prosecuted right as he left the plane.


The man later came out and apologized to the other passengers on the plane through the local media channels in Russia. The doctor states that he didn’t try to hijack the plane. He is currently talking to his lawyer with plans to sue the airline claiming that what happened to him on the plane was not right and since then his suitcase with medical equipment and cash was not returned to him after they landed in Russia.


FB Caption: Passengers on the plane decided to secure the man in a seat as he screamed and tried to open the emergency door after drinking at least 2 bottles of alcohol.


Source: Sanook, Daily Mail