Father installs security camera in son’s room to stop gaming.

A father installed a security camera in his 16-year-old son’s room after he caught the son gaming at night. The son decided to post his concerns online. The father does not trust him and decided to install a security camera inside his personal bedroom. The son is a good person with good grades and wonders if what the father did is considered too much. The post was made on Reddit, a popular discussion website where people from all over the world come to discuss or answers questions about any topic. After catching the son gaming at night the father decided the appropriate punishment was to install the camera. 



The son posted “For those who think they do not have privacy, I have a security camera in my room and my brother also has one too”. Netizens quickly joined the conversation and wanted to know more about the situation. The boy further explained that his father caught him playing on his brother’s PS4 at night. He had just finished studying for 3 hours and felt like gaming was not inappropriate. But when his father caught him gaming, he tried to explain his reasons but the father would not listen. 



Furthermore, the father believes his son secretly games every night. Then his father saw him gaming on his birthday. Two days after, a security camera was installed inside his room. The camera records almost all the areas in his room. There is no space for privacy at all and he is being recorded every second in the room. The boy feels this is even more unfair considering he is one of the top students in his school. Gaming does not affect his role as a son but his father will not consider this fact. Most netizens believe the father has gone over the limits. While some believe the son is not telling all the details and there must be more to the story. 


Credit: Khaosod


FB Caption: The 16-year-old son is being watched at all times. 


Source: Khaosod, Indiatimes