How to Choose the Right Fertility Specialist in Singapore

Tips for Couples Searching for a Fertility Specialist in Singapore

Infertility can be devastating to a married couple when their dreams of parenthood are stopped short by the inability to conceive. The next step for most couples in Singapore is to turn to a fertility specialist to find out what options are available to them.


Infertility and Its Impact on Married Couples

Before embarking on ways to solve infertility issues in a marriage, couples must understand the effect that infertility will have on their marriage so as to weather the storm better when going through the wave of emotions involved when seeking fertility treatment.

These are some of the issues that infertility can bring in a relationship:


  1. Intimacy Becomes a Chore

Sex is meant to increase and maintain intimacy in a relationship, but stress in your intimate life can slowly have an effect on other aspects of your relationship. When trying to conceive, your sex life can take a massive hit due to the stress involved in trying for a baby. What used to be a fun and intimate experience for both parties quickly becomes a chore when you’re having intercourse according to a calendar than your mutual passion for one another. This can take a serious toll on your relationship the longer it takes to conceive. Timed intercourse like this has a detrimental effect on both men and women and causes an increase in sexual dysfunction.


  1. When to Seek Help

The answer to when to seek help when infertility problems arise is a straightforward one. Doctors would recommend visiting a fertility clinic as soon as you think that something is amiss. Unfortunately, in practice, the decision to seek help is more elusive due to denial by either or both parties in a marriage.

Doctors recommend seeking help if your attempts to conceive have been unsuccessful for more than a year. But if either one or both parties are above the age of 35, they should seek help within 6 months. However, if either party exhibits symptoms of infertility, they should seek help immediately.


  1. Fears of Abandonment

For most married couples, the ultimate goal of their union is to start a family, and that would involve being able to conceive and raise kids. But when one party is experiencing infertility issues, this can lead to self-doubt and fears of abandonment by their partner. This is, unfortunately, a very common sentiment among those suffering from infertility.

The best way to approach infertility in a marriage is to speak with your partner as soon as you think there’s a problem. In a firm relationship, your partner will be able to lend emotional support and allow both of you to seek help quickly.


Ways to Reduce Stress in a Relationship

In any relationship, communication is key to helping to resolve issues. If you have any fears or insecurities, it’s always best to share them with your partner so that they can lend you the emotional support you need. The support that your partner gives you can relieve stress built up from dealing with infertility. Once both of you have talked about it, you can start to make a plan on how to tackle the infertility problem together.


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