Husband too busy with fish and forgets children at school, wife freezes it.

A husband was spending too much time with his pet fish that he forgot to pick up the children from school. The wife was not happy so she put the fish in the freezer where it ended up dying. This incident took place in Hanoi, Vietnam. The father posted pictures of the frozen fish online sharing his story. He had been spending a lot of his time with the pet fish, so much that he forgot about his own children. The father never picked his children up from school and when the mother found out she was extremely unhappy. She placed the fish in a plastic bag before leaving it in the freezer.


Credit: Khaosod


The post went viral shortly after it was posted and netizens had a lot to say. Some found this story to be very funny. Some advised the father to try and save the fish. Most netizens stated the husband deserved what happened to his fish as he had neglected his duties as a father. While some believe the father should be punished but they don’t agree with how the mother had to kill the fish as it is considered animal torture. Many netizens also believe the story is fabricated and the fish is fake, if that is the case then this is just a joke to help entertain people during the times of Covid-19.



Similar fish lovers helped recommend the husband different ways on how he can save the fish by defrosting it in warm water. Some fish have adapted to survive even when frozen, this does not apply to tropical fish. The chances of a fish surviving after being frozen depends on the freezing technique that can produce less cell damage. A fish that has adapted to freezing and has been frozen using a minimally damaging technique has a higher chance of survival after defrosting. After this incident, it is unclear whether the father will continue his hobby but he will probably never forget to pick the children up from school again.



Credit: Khaosod



FB Caption: A husband was spending too much time with his pet fish and forgot to pick the children up from school.


Source: Khaosod, Quora: David Miller, China Press