Japanese Pizza delivery boy delivers pizza to top of Mount Fuji.

A story of a Japanese pizza delivery boy went viral after he gave top service by delivering pizza to the top of Mount Fuji. It took him 5 hours that probably felt much longer to reach the top. This was a good exeption to the 30 minute pizza delivery rule. The climb was 8 kilometers from and back but more important than the distance was the climb. The story was first shared on twitter about a famous pizza chain delivering his pizza to the top of Mount Fuji. The delivery boy really provided top service and delivered pizza to somewhere that didn’t seem possible. 



The twitter user named @fatmanairsoft stated “yesterday I climbed Mount Fuji and someone ordered a pizza from Dominos” He also attached pictures of the delivery boy holding the pizza in one hand and his fist up in a winning position in the other hand while standing at the peak checkpoint. The pizza was stored in a delivery bag to help keep it warm. The delivery boy also recorded his experience in Yamap which is a social media website to share experiences on outdoor adventures. He started the journey at 7.38 at the information service point and arrived at the mountain top at around 10. He returned and arrived at the bottom at noon. 



The total time of traveling to and back from the top of Mount Fuji is 5 hours and 49 minutes. The company changed 3,776 yen which is around 995 baht. The delivery boy stated “I delivered pizza from Dominos to the top of Mount Fuji while there were heavy winds. It was really hard holding the pizza flat and it almost flew away from me a few times. Call me the king of delivery”. The story went viral shortly after it was posted and Netizens from around the world applauded the delivery boy for his amazing service.  


Credit: Khaosod


FB Caption: The pizza delivery boy hiked for almost 6 hours to deliver 1 pizza.


Source: Khaosod