Learn Why Co-Living Spaces in KL Have Become so Popular

Co-working spaces have grown exponentially in popularity over the last handful of years as the benefits they provide to small businesses and start-ups is unmatched in the market. In a similar vein, co-living spaces have emerged as a preferable living arrangement for young professionals in some of the world’s most vibrant cities. Kuala Lumpur is no exception to this phenomenon. In just the past few years co-living spaces in KL have popped up all over the city, with more arising each year.

If you are a young professional considering a co-living space in KL, you’re on the right track for a more comfortable and well-suited living situation. Below are just a handful of benefits that showcase why co-living is the right choice for you.

 Affordability in Prime Locations

Fresh graduates consistently face the same onslaught of challenges when they are looking for a place to live. Equipped with a steady income, young professionals look to maximize their money when it comes to housing and prefer to save on living costs and spend on experiences.  Co-living spaces provide that money-saving luxury as you are dividing those housing costs amongst your flatmates. 

Splitting these costs is particularly helpful when trying to find quality housing in great locations. Most young professionals cannot afford to live on their own and still be within walking distance of Lot 10 and Bintang Walk, though in a co-living space, KL can be right at your fingertips. Anyone who has lived in a megacity before knows the value of living in a good neighbourhood with access to great food and entertainment, and while usually moving to these areas comes as one earns more money, now there is no reason to wait. 

 Build a Network

KL is the cultural and economic centre of Malaysia, and as a primate city, it attracts hardworking young professionals from around the country, region, and world. People new to the city often become stressed as they try to establish new social and professional networks. Simply put, it can be challenging to make friends and not feel alone in a new city. 

One of the most attractive facets of a co-living arrangement is the instant companionship gained from living with like-minded people. Most co-living companies have detailed “flatmate match” systems that let applicants find the best living partners before they move in. This system fast-tracks the friendship process and provides ease to the discomfort of feeling alone, not to mention ensures your new flatmates won’t be weird!

The extended community of people living in co-living spaces in KL is also a great way to create a professional network. In such a diverse and impactful city like KL, building a network of professional friends helps you grow as a person and a professional as well.  Who knows, maybe your current flatmates will become your future business partners. 

 If you are interested in co-living spaces in KL, there are tons of great companies providing killer rooms at affordable prices. The stress of finding the right housing and the right friends will be lifted as soon as you sign up.