Saturn the alligator dead at 84, WW2 survivor

Saturn is an 84-year-old American alligator that has been pronounced dead at the Moscow Zoo in Russia. This is one of the oldest alligators in history, they usually have a lifespan of 50 years old and longer in captivity. Saturn has lived with a rumor for a very long time, many believe that he was Adolf Hitler’s Pet. Although one thing for sure, the alligator was a survivor of WW2 after he escaped the Berlin Zoo in 1943 when the zoo was bombed. It is unknown where and how Saturn lived before he was found by British soldiers 3 years later.

Saturn was handed over to the Soviet Union and he ended up at the Moscow Zoo. The zoo states that it was an honor to have taken care of Saturn for 74 years, an amazing journey alongside a wild creature. Saturn was lovely when he was in a good mood, even enjoyed the keepers massaging his back, CNN News reported. He was also known to break steel and concrete with a snap when he was having a bad day. The Moscow Zoo announced on 23 May 2020 that Saturn, the historical alligator, had died at the amazing age of 84.


Saturn was born in the USA, before he was given as a gift to the Berlin Zoo in Germany. The bombing killed many animals, but with luck and the strong instinct of survival, Saturn found his way out and remained free for 3 years. The Moscow Zoo has cleared the rumor and stated that Saturn was never Adolf Hitler’s pet, they also added that animals are not involved in politics nor are they responsible for human actions.


The Moscow Zoo stated “Moscow Zoo is extremely grateful to have taken care of Saturn for 74 years. For us, Saturn was an era and that is not exaggerated. He saw us when we were just children, we hope that we haven’t disappointed him”. Saturn is a great representation that historical figures don’t always have to be humans, Saturn lived a life that deserves to be remembered.


Credit: Sanook


FB Caption: He escaped the Berlin Zoo Bombing in 1943 and rumored to be Adolf Hitler’s personal pet.


Source: CNN News, Sanook