Shark attack in France, only hand with wedding ring left.

British tourist gets killed by a shark attack in France. The Website Daily Star UK reported the incident online on 6 November 2019. The tourist was swimming in the ocean when he disappeared. The wife confirms that the ring on the hand found inside the shark belongs to her husband.


Credit: Fishing Booker
Credit: Fishing Booker

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Officers from the Reunion Island in France found the victim’s hand inside of the Tiger Shark. The shark was killed as it was a threat to tourists after the attack took place. They are pretty sure that the victim is the 44-year-old British tourist that disappeared on 2 November 2019 as one of the fingers was still wearing his wedding ring.


The officers have sent the hand in for a DNA sample to confirm his identity but scientists from the CSR Shark Safety Centre have reported to the media that the ring found matches the description given by the victim’s wife.


Officials revealed that the victim is a very good swimmer. He was on a 1-week vacation with his wife on the Island in France. On Saturday (2 Nov) the victim decided to go out for a swim in the ocean alone. The wife decided to notify officials after her husband did not return at noon. A search has begun for the man including boat searches, sniffer dogs and helicopter searches.


Credit: DCNCnature
Credit: DCNCnature


A team of divers went to search for the man along the coral reefs but there was no sign of him. This was when a tiger shark was killed and the insides were searched. The hand was found with the wedding ring. It is estimated that the victim was attacked and eaten by the tiger shark on his swim. The shark is about 3 meters long, tiger sharks are considered as predators and have hurt more people than great white sharks. It is one of the shark species that have a high chance to attack humans unprovoked.


FB Caption: The wife confirms that the ring on the hand found inside the shark belongs to her husband.


Source: Kapook, Daily Star UK