Burger King extends Thai series strategy with ‘Thai Palates Deserve Authentic Thai Flavours’

Burger King reaffirms its position as a market leader in the quick-service restaurant (QSR) industry, serving both Thai and international customers. Continuing its forward-thinking marketing strategy, the ‘Burger King Thai Series’ introduces the ‘Thai Palates Deserve Authentic Thai Flavours’ campaign, aiming to further penetrate the consumer base by showcasing the latest menu addition, the ‘Mookrata Burger.’ This new burger menu is developed from insights into Thai consumers’ preference for Mookrata dishes. Additionally, the popular menu item, the ‘Hat Yai Chicken King with Super-Extra Crispy Shallots,’ has undergone development, enhancing its fried shallot aroma by up to three times, catering to customers who enjoy the taste of crispy fried shallots. With confidence in the campaign’s ability to significantly increase awareness and its positive reception from consumers, Burger King anticipates business growth in 2024, coupled with an increase in membership, particularly among Thai consumers, meeting the set objectives.

Mr.Charoenchai Bumroongwongtong, Marketing Director and Mr.Chanin Nakarattanakorn Senior Digital Marketing Manager of Burger (Thailand) Co., Ltd., stated, “In 2024, Burger King continues to strive for leadership in the QSR industry in Thailand, catering to the diverse needs of consumers, both Thai and international. This year’s highlights focus on penetrating the Thai consumer base through the ‘Burger King Thai Series’ marketing strategy, introducing the new campaign ‘Thai Palates Deserve Authentic Thai Flavours,’ which emphasises menu options that resonate with Thai palates. This includes the introduction of the ‘Mookrata Burger,’ a new burger menu developed from insights into the preferences of Thai consumers, particularly those who enjoy grilled dishes. indicating significant interest and alignment with the target demographic that the brand aims to reach: young consumers seeking novelty. In addition to aligning menu offerings with consumer trends, Burger King’s development of new menu items, such as the ‘Mookrata Burger,’ represents an extension of this strategy. The highlight of this new menu item is the large piece of grilled pork, cooked on a fire grill, which is a signature feature of Burger King or can be optionally replaced with beef. It comes with a special sauce recipe that provides the sensation of enjoying ‘Mookrata’ directly from the grill in a fusion-style atmosphere. Customers can choose between two options: the Single Mookrata Burger priced at 89 baht and the Double Mookrata Burger priced at 149 baht, catering specifically to young adults and working-age groups. Additionally, there is a special menu item, the Grilled Pork Rice with Mookrata Sauce, available for just 79 baht, offering an additional choice for customers. Furthermore, Burger King is preparing to create various new experiences for consumers to create lasting memories. These menu offerings will be available from April 30, 2024 until July 1, 2024 at all Burger King branches (excluding airport and tourist locations).

For Burger King’s Thai Series strategy, there has been a continuous presentation of menu options tailored to Thai tastes. Whether it’s the congee menu, Hat Yai Chicken King, or sweet treats like Kanom Krok Pie, this time, in addition to introducing new Burger menu items, there has been an extension of the popular menu, especially the ‘Hat Yai Chicken King with Super-Extra Crispy Shallots.’ Since its launch at the end of last year, it has continued to receive positive responses. In this series, the enjoyment is further enhanced by increasing the portion size of fried shallot by up to three times at a price of 149 baht, alongside marketing activities aimed at raising awareness among a wide target audience, through various media during the recent Songkran festival. These include the launch of Songkran shirts featuring the Hat Yai Fried Chicken arranged in floral patterns, creating tent cards for local restaurants that closed during the Songkran festival, the introduction of a ‘Kook Kook’ Hat Yai Fried Chicken Truck to generate awareness and stimulate interest from local target consumers extensively. Additionally, discounts on the Hat Yai Chicken King menu were offered to travellers on both domestic and international flights during the recent extended holiday period.

“From the campaign ‘Thai Palates Deserve Authentic Thai Flavours, Burger King has now increased its consumer base by 10%, order volume increased by 20%. This campaign will be another campaign to help further expand the consumer base even more. With a target to close 2024, we aim to expand the Thai consumer base by 25%. Meanwhile, Burger King never stops brainstorming new marketing campaigns throughout the year, including developing and innovating seasonal menus and services. All of this reflects Burger King’s image as a leading fast-food market leader in Thailand and the trendsetter in online viral marketing worldwide, understanding the true needs of consumers, both Thai and international,” Charoenchai and Chanin concluded.

For those interested, further inquiries and updates can be found at www.burgerking.co.th and Facebook: Burger King Thailand.