Choose a Hotel Near Sala Daeng BTS Station

Booking a hotel near the Sala Daeng BTS station might seem to be a minor consideration for travelers who haven’t visited Bangkok before. But for old pros who often visit the city for both business and pleasure, it can mean hours of valuable time saved. 

Bangkok is notorious for its traffic. You can grow old just sitting in the back of a taxi, especially if you’re unlucky enough to venture out into traffic during the morning or evening rush hour. Bangkok’s residents have learned the value of relying on the city’s rapid transit networks long ago to get around the city, especially during rush hour. 

But booking a hotel near the Sala Daeng BTS Station allows you the freedom of accessing practically every part of the city worth visiting easily and quickly. For both business and pleasure travelers, the Silom area of the city has become one of the choice areas to stay, and hotels near the Sala Daeng BTS Station are among the favorites of discerning travelers. 


Silom, Bangkok is Growing in Popularity

The reasons why the Silom area of the city appeal to both business and pleasure travelers are many. It offers a central location, and it’s close to the attractions along the Chao Phraya River. It’s also the commercial and financial hub of the city, and it provides excellent access to public transportation – the water taxis along the river, as well as the BTS Skytrain and the MRT. 

Bangkok’s two modern rail transit systems are interconnected with the Airport Rail Line, which runs from Bangkok to Suvarnabhumi Airport. By booking a hotel near the Sala Daeng BTS station, you can get from the airport to your hotel in Silom without ever having to set foot in the traffic of Bangkok.  

And with all the sights to see around the Silom district, as well as the easy commute to business meetings, it’s no wonder why more and more savvy travelers are choosing to book their hotels near the Sala Daeng BTS station.


Uniquely Positioned

The Silom District is uniquely positioned in the city to have the upscale shopping malls and entertainment offerings of Sukhumvit Road just a short ride away on the BTS Skytrain or MRT. Likewise, the historical and iconic sites of Bangkok’s Grand Palace, Wat Pho and the Temple of the Dawn are easily accessed by the water taxis on the nearby Chao Phraya River.

The Silom district itself is one of the most historic areas of the city as well. Lumpini Park is the oldest public park in Bangkok and worth visiting as it’s a popular gathering place for art shows, dance and musical performances, exercise, and a place to sample some of Bangkok’s world-famous street food. 

Discover the ease of getting around the city for business or pleasure the next time you visit Bangkok. Book a hotel near the Sala Daeng BTS Station, forget about the traffic jams, and travel the city the way residents do.