Half a Million people head back home for the long holiday.

Locals are starting to travel back home for the upcoming long holiday from 4-7 July 2020 as a celebration of Asalha Puja day and the official beginning of Vassa on 6 July 2020, this is considered a major national holiday as the Buddhism is Thailand’s largest religion. Today (3 July 2020) Mo Chit Bus Terminal in Chatuchak Bangkok is filled with travelers waiting to get onto a bus or van back to their home province. Most travelers are taking safety first precautions by wearing masks and checking in to the station through a QR code system by the government. Mo Chit officers are measuring the temperature of all passengers before allowing them into the station. People started arriving at the station at 14.00 and the number of travelers is expected to remain high until the 8th. Then on the 7th, the station will fill up again with passengers returning to the big city from their hometown. 


Credit: INN News


The Transport Company has made preparations to support about half a million people traveling on the 3rd and 4th of this month for the long holiday. Locals are taking this opportunity to visit their loved ones back home after Songkran which is Thailand’s biggest long holiday was canceled due to the Covid-19 situation. The company has prepared enough busses and vans to complete 5,183 trips per day and another extra 1,700 trips per day serviced by affiliated busses and vans. There are also over 200 charter vehicles to support private groups.


About 50,000 passengers traveling on the 3rd have booked tickets and at least 50,000 more will be purchasing tickets at the counters in the station. There will be at least 100,000 passengers traveling back home on the 3rd. It is estimated that at least 430,000 passengers will be traveling back home from 3-7 July 2020. Employees and passengers must follow safety regulations even though Covid-19 numbers in Thailand have been pretty good. 



FB Caption: At least 430,000 passengers will be returning to their home towns between 4-7 July 2020. 


Source: INN News