Tops CLUB aims to ease the stray animal issues in Thailand by donating pet foods to support The Voice Foundation

Tops CLUB under Central Retail, an empire of products imported from around the world has continued to create a good force for its community and society by supporting the work of The Voice Foundation and The Man that Rescues Dogs Foundation by donating pet food up to 5,500 kilograms worth over 700,000 baht with aims to ease the stray animal issue in Thailand.

Mr. Andy Tai Head of Tops CLUB of Central Food Retail under Central Retail said “Tops CLUB is committed to being a retail industry leader in creating a good force and great benefits to people, communities, and the environment in accordance with the policy framework for developing shared values between business and society in order for them to grow together in a stable and sustainable manner. The issue of stray animal has become more severe due to the economic crisis and Tops is taking action to ease this problem by leverage its strength of being the empire that offers wide ranges of imported assortment donating dog and cat foods for the poor animal in need through the collaboration with reputable foundations.

Ms. Chollada Sirisant Founder of The Voice Foundation said “The Voice Foundation has been working with the mission of supporting and driving the animal welfare in Thailand. The support from Tops CLUB has helped over 1,000 cats from the shelters as well as being a great example of a good retail industry leader and awareness on this matter.












Mr. Michael James Baines Founder of The Man that Rescues Dogs Foundation said “Today, more than 1,150 stray dogs with disabilities and illnesses are under our care, and the monthly operating costs of the foundation exceed 1.7 million baht. The assistance of Tops Club, the foundation has been able to continue its efforts to resolve the issue of stray dogs in Thailand.”


“Tops CLUB under Central Retail has reinforced its position as the retail industry leader that continues to accomplish its mission of being a good corporate governance with the goal of creating sustainable communities and environmentally. The collaboration will be taken to another level by converting the excess food from the operation into the meals for stray animals”, Andy concludes.


For more information, visit, Facebook fan page at TopsThailand, or download the application @TopsClub.