1-month old baby recovers from Covid-19.

A 1-month old baby has made a full recovery from Covid-19. An Infectious Disease Pediatrician revealed that not all families are this lucky. Newborn and young children have high risk with the virus. It is recommended that all members in the family to take extra precaution, especially if you have a baby or an elderly in your household. Doctor Suchada Ruenglerdpong from the Prachuap Khiri Khan Hospital stated the hospital admitted the patient from Bang Sapan Hospital on 3 May 2021. The baby boy is 1 month and 14 days old. This is the youngest patient in the hospital who received the virus from a member in the family. The family member was infected at a funeral cluster in Surat Thani province.


The boy went to the hospital because he was having trouble breathing. The parents stated the boy’s chest seemed to shrink. The boy had a lung infection, and the condition was considered critical but lucky enough doctors did not need to use intubation. The boy was treated the same was as an adult Covid-19 patient using the same medications. He received Favipiravir along with close care against side effects as there are more risks with a baby. Medical Personal kept watch of the child and it proved success. He slowly got better until a full recovery was made.


The medical personal delivered the baby back home with the mother. The grandparents also came to pick up the boy from the hospital. It was an impressive moment. The family wants to share their story of how the 1-month-old made a full recovery from Covid-19. They hope it will inspire people to take extra precautions while outside against Covid-19. The doctor also advises families that is not safe for children under 2 years old to wear a mask. The family did not enter high risk areas, but the grandparents went to a funeral and caught the virus.


Credit: Sanook


FB Caption: The baby boy was having trouble breathing and caught the virus from the grandparents.


Source: Sanook