Monkey attacks 2 women in national park

WARNING signs in Thai and English were posted on Nomsao Island off the coast of Phetchaburi Province early this afternoon (April 5) after a monkey attacked a female park official and a female TV producer shooting a documentary on the island, reported.

“I was watching the filming crew when a big male monkey jumped on to my shoulder. It tried to bite my neck and I tossed him out,” said the park official.

“It then jumped onto head of the TV producer, who laid face down on the ground with two hands protecting her neck,” she added. “It happened very fast.”

After a long five minutes, the monkey let go of the woman and jumped on to a Buddhist shrine. “Everyone heaved a big sigh of relief,” said the park official.


Top: A monkey getting close to a woman on holiday. Photo:

By Songpol Kaopatumtip