4 townhouses collapsed in Samut Prakan

4 townhouses collapsed in Samut Prakan Province. At first, just one house collapsed but because the homes are all connected, 3 other homes were also pulled down. One owner revealed he heard cracking noises and then a neighbor yelling inside his home to run outside. All he has left at the moment is the clothes he was wearing and his phone. Khaosod News reported on 4 January 2023 on the incident. Pinij Termbun the village chief at Klong Suan Village received notification of homes collapsing. Pinih and related officials went to the location right away.



There are 50 townhouses connected to each other. On the left side, 4 town houses had collapsed. The kitchen and the bathroom area in the back have collapsed with the ceilings falling onto the ground. The structures located in front of the homes are starting to collapse and are tilting back towards the back area. Officials have warned residents to avoid entering these 4 homes. This means the residents cannot enter to collect valuables as the homes can collapse at any time.



Lek 63 years old one of the owners stated he purchased the home 20 years ago for 500,000 THB. The home used to have 5-6 residents but his wife and kids moved out and now he lives alone. Last month he started to hear concrete cracking next door but ignored the sounds. Then at night he was watching the TV and heard cracking that sounded like it was from inside his home. He started walking around and the kitchen started collapsing. He heard the neighbour yelling for him to escape and he ran outside with his phone in his hand. Thankfully no one is injured but some of the homes are not fully paid off. Related officials are investigating to find the cause of the collapse and solutions for the families affected.


Credit: Khaosod


FB Caption: Thanks to quick survival instincts no persons are injured.

Credit: Khaosod