7 dangerous days: Day five 323 dead, 3,140 injured

FIVE days of Songkran celebration (April 11-15) has led to a total of 323 road fatalities, 3,140 injuries in 3,001 accidents, INN News reported today (April 16).

Mr Damrong LimaPhirak, adviser on policy and strategy at Education Ministry, said despite 21,829 people being arrest for drunk driving, which is an increase of 36.24%, this jump has not helped reduce the number of road accidents.

For this reason the Royal Thai Police has set up a committee to adjust and strengthen measures with focus on repeat offenders.

On the 5th day of Songkran yesterday (April 15) there were were 552 accidents, leading to 69 deaths and 589 injuries.

The key cause was drunk driving at 42.03%, with speeding coming next at 25.72%. Motorcycles were involved in most accidents at 78.53%.

Seven provinces had no road deaths whatsoever with 3 of these being in the South, Yala, Ranong and Satun; 2 in the Northeast, Nong Khai and Nong Bua Lamphu; and 2 in the Central region, Samut Songkram and Angthong.

The highest number of accidents occurred in northern Chiang Mai province totaling 119 times, while the highest number of road deaths took place in northeastern Nakhon Ratchasima province reaching 19.

Chiang Mai also had the highest number of injuries at 136.


Top: Officials announcing Songkran road accident statistics today. Photo: INN News