Burnt woman battles on by selling sweets

A YOUNG woman who was badly burnt and disfigured by her husband who poured oil and set her on fire is bravely battling on by selling sweets to raise her 6-year-old son, Thai News Agency reported today (Dec. 12).

A Thai News Agency reporter traveled to a house at Chiang Kham district, in northern Phayao province, to meet Ms Natenapha Nualkul, or Nate, after she survived a horrific attack by her husband 2 years ago which left her face and body badly burnt.


These days Natenapha is eking out a living by driving around on her motorcycle selling sweets for the still needed medical treatment, with it being difficult for her to move, and this means  she might have to undergo a few more operations.

Moreover she has to set aside some money for her young son, and she urges that kindhearted folk to buy her sweets so that she has enough to raise him.

Natenapha also urged her son’s school friends and the society to not tease or bully him, such as by saying that he has a ghost of a mother.

As to her husband, the court sentenced him to 5 years of probation.


Top: Natenapha talking to a Thai News Agency reporter. Photo: Thai News Agency

In-text: Natenapha going around on her motorbike selling sweets. Photo: Thai News Agency