Chong Chom Market fire, hundreds of stores burned down.

There was a fire in Chong Chom Market near the Surin province border on 27 October 2023. The fire happened at night in Soi 9 but quickly spread to other areas in the market. Most of the stores are made of wood and many of the stores sold clothing. Along with consistent wind, the fire was eating all in its path. Both Thais and Cambodians rushed to move items out of the stores but not much could be done. Many watched and cried because nothing could be done to save the goods. Firetrucks and fighters came in from nearby areas. After 1 hour the teamwork paid off and the fire was finally controlled.



The flames still continued in the circle that burned down hundreds of stores in the market. The cause of the fire is unclear and investigation has started to find out the cause of the fire. This is not the first time Chong Chom market has had a fire, there was another fire that took place in 2010 that burned down 70% of the market. The first fire started from a gas fire that couldn’t be stopped in time and the firetrucks could not enter the area as there was construction. The market had a big renovation with better structure and some areas are still under construction. This caused some sellers to temporarily move to the North of the market using wood structures. Even then, the damage from this fire is much less than the first fire.



The zones are more clear and better store organization is always a good choice for markets and malls. A Cambodian vendor stated she was stitching a curtain when she noticed the lights were flashing. Not long after she realized there was a fire coming from Soi 9 in the market. The damage is done, but thankfully no one was injured or worse from the fire. Chong Chom Market is just 2 km from the Cambodian border and is a popular destination for both Thais and Cambodians. There is everything you want in this market, from food to clothes and household items. Hand made items are also popular often made from natural and eco friendly resources.


Credit: Khaosod


FB Caption: This is the second fire in Chong Chom Market, the first fire took place in 2010.

Credit: Khaosod