Donations pour in for ‘tuk-tuk’ father and son

DONATIONS flooded in from across the nation for the 62-year-old man and his young son who were forced to sleep in their motor tricycle, locally known as tuk-tuk, because they could not afford to pay for a rented room, INN News reported today (Jan. 11).

Mr Roongrote Tipparat and his 10-year-old son Kampanart, who are from Hat Yai city in southern Songkhla province,  have been living in their tuk-tuk for 4 months now. A petrol pump owner kindly allowed them to use the pump’s bathrooms  while monks shared their food with them.

Upon reading about their hardship, many kindhearted people donated cash and other useful stuff such as clothes and even a bicycle. One person was so generous he offered his land for them to work and live on.

Government agencies too stepped in to help and arranged medical checkup as well as career training for them.

However Phanu Phitakphao, the head of sufficiency economy center who is in charge of all the donated cash and goods, said Roongrote wants to use it all to buy a new tuk-tuk.

They are also back in a rented room with a businessman in Hat Yai kindly paying the rent every month.


Top: Roongrote and his son Kampanart got a big helping hand. Photo:  INN News