Driver flees after killing 3 in bad smashup

A DRIVER of a sedan which strongly hit 2 motorcycles killing 3 persons, one on the spot, last night managed to escape while the driver of another sedan following him got injured when swerving to avoid the pileup, Thai News Agency reported this morning (Dec. 7).

In this accident, which occurred around half past midnight last night at the entrance to Pattana 1 housing estate in Samut Sakhon’s Muang district, a black sedan had smashed into 2 motorbikes, killing one Thai man on the spot, and leaving 2 other Thai men so seriously injured they both later died in the hospital.

Capture 2

The front of this sedan had collapsed through the heavy impact and the glass shattered, with the airbags too having fallen out. The front of both motorbikes had broken off after being hit.

The driver of the second sedan, Mr Kriangkrai Thaothong, said he was driving home behind the sedan which hit the motorbikes and when he saw the accident, he quickly swerved and hit a concrete barrier which left him injured.

He added that he saw the driver of the sedan involved in the accident driving 20 meters before parking the damaged vehicle and running away.


Top and in-text: The badly damaged vehicles involved in last night’s smashup. Photos: Thai News Agency