Ex-con forces 9-year-old addict to deliver drugs

An ex-con has been forcing a 9-year-old child to deliver drugs in exchange for money and drugs. This is a very sad story where the child is not only forced to do illegal work but is a drug addict himself. When asked where the parents are, turns out both are in prison on drug charges. Police Major General Ruttipol Nawarat the Superintendent of Buriram Province received a report stating that a drug seller was using a grade 2 student to deliver drugs. Police Colonel Kongchat Liangsomsup the Deputy Superintendent received an order to investigate the case. After looking at the evidence the suspicion was confirmed to be true. Buriram Police officials, police from Satuek Police Station, and Satuek Administrative Officials planned a sting operation to arrest the suspect. 


Police found A 9-year-old a grade 2 student at a local school in Satuek fishing by the water. After inspection officials found 5 Yaba pills. When officials asked where the drugs came from A stated a 25-year-old man named Veerasak gave him the drugs. A was supposed to deliver the drugs, he was pretending to be fishing and the customer would come to meet him by the water as agreed. A receives 100-300 THB depending on how many Yaba pills he delivers per time. A also receives 2 Yaba pills after every delivery. Veerasak was arrested near the water while he was fishing with some friends. He was carrying 100 Yaba pills in a bamboo tube. Veerasak was delivered to the Buriram Narcotics Control Board Office.


Veerasak admitted the drugs were purchased from a Loa man. His main customer group is teenagers in Satuek. Veerasak sells Yaba pills for 50 THB per pill. Veerasak admits A is his drug delivery boy but claims it is done by choice and A has never been forced. A needs to find income because both of his parents are in prison on drug charges. The boy lives with his grandma and the family is struggling. Veerasak has been in prison on drug charges and came out 4 years ago, he also has an illegal gun. 



FB Caption: The 9-year-old boy receives 100-300 THB and 2 yaba pills after each delivery.


Source: Sanook