Malaysian man arrested connected to online gambling.

The Immigration Police arrested a Malaysian man and Thai suspects connected to online gambling websites in Thailand. Police Lieutenant General Sompong Chingduang from the Immigration Police reported the arrest of Voon 33-year-old from Malaysia. Police also arrested 9 Thai suspects connected to the case. Voon had started an online gambling website known as KL088 with a base of operations in Sa Kaeo Province. Officials searched a rented home with a search warrant in Aranyaprathet District.


Officials found Anuse 23-year-old who presented himself as the homeowner. Anuse informed police the home was separated into 2 parts. In the front part were 5 people operating an online gambling website. Their main job was marketing the website such as inviting people in, promoting the business online, live broadcast, and more. There are 4 more people in the other part of the home working behind the scenes. Their main job was to answer customers’ questions and to keep the website running. Aranyaprathet is only 6km from the Thai-Cambodia border. It is usually a busy area but things have changed during the Covid-19 situation. It is also where the Rongkluea market is located, one of the biggest markets. On the Cambodian side are casinos.


When asked who they worked for all 9 Thai employees stated their boss was a Malaysian man named Voon. Officials connected the case to another home in the same district. Inside they found Voon along with other evidence in the case including a computer, accounting information showing how much money the business was bringing in per day, 500,000 THB in cash, 22 bankbooks, 2 cars, a currency counter, and more. The suspects have been delivered to the Aranyaprathet Police Station waiting for prosecution.


Credit: INN News


FB Caption: The Malaysian man started a gambling website named KL088 with 9 Thai employees working for him in Aranyaprathet, Sa Kaeo Province.


Source: INN News