Man throws rotten fish on the Damrongdhama Center.

A man carried 2 buckets of rotten fish and threw them at the provincial Damrongdhama Center in Samut Sakhon Province. His actions followed after no changes have been made to complaints of dirty water. He hopes this will make officials understand what villagers are living with. Nop Nutsati, the villagers’ representative, came to the local Damrongdhama Center on 12 July 2023. Complaints have been filed concerning the rotten water in Phasi Charoen Canal for over 2 years. Police and related officials came to keep watch of the situation. This made Nop think that they were about to arrest him. 



Out of fear, Nop threw the rotten fish in both buckets onto the ground. The splash got all over officials and media in the building. Nop stated villagers have made several complaints about the water conditions in the Phasi Charoen Canal but no attempts to improve the water have been made. The water is still rotten filled with dead fish. People living in the area have been collecting dead fish every day to try and lessen the dead smell. Nop claims that locals are living with the smell pollution every day and have no help from the province. Officials do not understand what they are dealing with as they don’t have to live like those affected.



Nop did not have the attention to splash the dead fish on anyone. He apologizes to any media affected. He realizes the consequences he has to face but accepts it. Nop hopes that the complaints are taken seriously and believes that there must be something lost to gain something else. Nop is willing to get arrested if that means officials will take action on the rotten water in the canal. Narong Rakroi the Samut Sakhon governor has gone to the area in complaint to inspect the waters. Orders have been given to related officials towards improving the water conditions in the canal.  


Credit: Khaosod


FB Caption: Nop wanted officials to understand what smell the villagers have been living with for years. 


Source: Khaosod