Mask dispute leads to shooting, Porsche left behind.

A mask dispute has led to a shooting at a home, a Porsche was left behind as evidence for the police. Police Colonel Kritsana Pattanacharoen reported on the story of the shooting that took place after a dispute between businessmen on masks. An 11 person gang drove to the enemies home before shooting several bullets directly into the building, the victim fired back and a person in the gang got injured. The incident took place during the night on 31 July 2020. The Lak Song Police Station received notification of a shooting attack in Putthamonthon Sai 2, Bangkok next to a noodle restaurant.


Credit: INN News


Police arrived to find a victim aged 44 years old, the owner of the home. The victim stated that he was shot at by about 7 people inside 3 vehicles. They started shooting while driving inside the alley. The victim was standing in front of his home and carried a gun on him so he shot back. The gang drove away but they left an expensive piece of evidence behind, a brand new Yellow Porsche still with a red license plate. This type of plate is issued to new owners while the car is in the registration process before the temporary white plate is issued. Police received information that a member of the gang was shot in the left arm and went to the Bangpakok 8 Hospital. 


Credit: INN News


A member of the gang has a conflict with the victim concerning the sales of medical masks. The investigation has revealed several of their identities. Police are investigating to collect evidence that can lead to their arrests. Orders have been given by the Commissioner-General of the Royal Thai Police Chakthip Chaijinda to speed up the investigation and arrest process to bring into prosecution. The incident is violent and shows no fear of the law. Officials must work carefully because all suspects are likely to be carrying a gun or a weapon at all times. 


FB Caption: This is a fight over sales of medical masks, the gang left behind a brand new Yellow Porsche. 


Source: INN News