Pattaya badly flooded after fierce storm

THE tourist seaside city of Pattaya got badly flooded today (Oct 6, 2018) after torrential rain dumped a huge amount of water with several cars having broken down on key roads , Thai News Agency reported.

Among the badly flooded roads are Sukhumvit-North Pattaya-Wat Nong Yai, Beach and Pattaya Third.

The floodwater on the Sukhumvit-North Pattaya-Wat Nong Yai roads, which usually get flooded after a heavy rainstorm, was as high as 50 centimeters, leading to bad traffic situation with only the right-most lane usable and several broken-down vehicles parked in the floodwater as officials tried their best to help out

Officials were also on hand to assist drivers in trouble on flooded Beach and Third roads with badly flooded sections blocked off.


Top: Miserable floods in tourist city. Photos: Thai News Agency

Flood Pattaya