Tourist Police slammed for not helping after scary cab ride

A YOUNG Chinese man who filmed a taxi driver attempting to cheat him let the whole online world know that Thai Tourist Police did not help him and that he is disillusioned with Thailand, Thai News Agency said today (June 27).

A video clip and text posted online by Facebook use “Nut Zhou” whose real name is Nan Zhou drew criticism after it went viral yesterday.

Nut Zhou

The Chinese citizen who is studying at a famous Thai university for a master’s degree said he has been overcharged by Thai cabbies many times but got really scared this last time and is thankful to be alive.

He said he hailed a cab on Rama 2 Road to go to Sanphawut Road in Bang Na and gave the go-ahead when the cabbie asked whether to go by expressway.

At the toll gate he gave the cabbie 500 baht to pay the 50 baht toll but the latter pocketed it and drew out a 100 baht note with which he paid the toll and returned the remaining 50 baht to him.

Nan Zhou said he immediately pointed out this was not right and asked for 450 baht back but the cabbie asked him what he was talking about.

He added that at this point he got confused and started getting scared when at the exit ramp the cabbie started driving very slowly saying the accelerator was not working.

Nan Zhou then told the cabbie he wanted to get out and catch another cab but this cabbie said he would call one for him and put his hand in a compartment beneath the air-conditioner duct which scared him even more.

Nan Zhou then called the Tourist Police which shook up the cabbie who returned 200 baht to him and as the fare was already 170 baht it was okay to get this amount back.

He later again called Tourist Police who just hung up which greatly disappointed him.

He then contacted 1585 taxi hotline service and they are helping him follow up this incident with the Land Transport Department.

Nan Zhou added that he is not sharing this information to ruin Thailand’s reputation because he does love Thailand but he wants to warn everyone that this danger exits.


Top: A pixelated image of the taxi whose driver tried to rip off Nut Zhou and inset is another pixelated image of him. Photo: Thai News Agency




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