Villagers scared of leopard pet in Chonburi

A Thai woman and her foreign husband have a leopard that they keep as a pet inside the property. They recently moved to Chonburi and villagers became scared after hearing what they had as a pet and decided to notify the authorities.




Officers from the Thailand Wildlife Enforcement Network: Thailand-WEN and related officers went to inspect a home located in Sattahip, Chonburi after villagers notified them of a leopard being kept as a pet. The villagers stated that the leopard was treated as if it was a normal pet living together with the residents of the home.


Villagers fear that the leopard was acquired illegally and that it might run out of the home and attack people in the area. The people asked the authorities to come to check and make sure that no one will be hurt in the future.




The officers went to inspect the home at 14.30 on 2 September 2019. They found a 2 Story Pink House. Surrounding the home was a high concrete gate with 1-inch metal wires on top coming to a total height of 3 meters. Nittiya the wife allowed the officers inside to search her home.


Nittaya stated that she had just moved into the new home for 5 days with her foreign husband from Chiang Mai. She brought their pet male leopard named “Typhoon” to live with the couple in the new home. Typhoon has been raised by the couple since birth and is now 4 years old.


Nittiya has all the required license and documents for Typhoon. In one of the documents state that there were 3 leopards that since has passed away. Typhoon’s mother (leopardess) had 2 cubs, Typhoon and a female cub named Fahsai. Fahsai is still in Chiang Mai as she is unwell and requires medical care at all times.





Nittaya was sued in Chiang Mai for owning Typhoon and Fahsai on 30 November 2018. The prosecutor gave a non-prosecution order to the case and the 2 cubs were returned legally to the couple. The officers saw that the homeowners have the right to keep the leopard, but Nittiya will have to notify Protected Areas Regional Office 2 (Si Racha) for a license to keep the Leopard in the area responsible under the office.


FB Caption: A Thai woman and her foreign husband has a leopard that they keep as a pet inside the property.


Source: Ejan