Woman arrested for selling marijuana cookies.

A woman has been arrested for selling marijuana cookies earning over 100,000 THB per month.
The suspect used to work inside a bakery which explains where her cookie skills come from. The woman was arrested inside her condo in Bangkok. The suspect reveals she purchases fresh marijuana before infusing it in chocolate and jelly aiming towards teenage customers. Police Lieutenant General Kanchai Klaiklueng, Police Major General Kanpong Chairungruang, and other related officials reported the arrest at the Bangna Police Station.


Credit: Khaosod


Police reported the arrest of Prapawarin Makmun 24-year-old, Napassa 22-year-old, and Pattaranisaworn 19-year-old on 24 January 2020. Officials also found evidence including 10 kilograms of marijuana and 60 grams of magic mushrooms worth over 1 million THB. The suspects were arrested inside Lasalle Condo located in Bangna, Bangkok. Officials revealed the suspects sold the cookies through a group on Line named “the Hippy Cookie”. Then on the 23rd officials set up a sting operation and proposed a plan to purchase 5 grams of marijuana from the suspects in exchange for 3,500 THB.


The female suspects delivered the goods using a private shipping company. Police informed the delivery company to return the box. Pattaranisaworn showed up to claim the delivery and this is when officials presented themselves. One of the suspects admitted that this marijuana belonged to the group. Then police inspected a condo room on the 6th floor. Inside were 2 female suspects. As police searched the room they discovered 13 strains of marijuana all imported from abroad. There were a total of 46 containers with marijuana cookies, pancakes, and jellies. Most of their customers are teenagers looking for fun products. Prapawarin admitted to police that she has a love for marijuana and used to work in a bakery. She combined the 2 and came out with a successful product.


Credit: Khaosod

FB Caption: The suspect used to work in a bakery and has a love for marijuana.


Source: Khaosod