Woman claims to find needle in sanitary napkin.

A woman has shared on her personal Facebook pictures of a sanitary napkin with a sewing needle stuck inside. Many netizens suspect that this story was made up to discredit the napkin’s manufacturer. The woman is facing heavy backlash but claims the story is true and there is no reason to make up the story and does not want attention. The woman shared the story stating that the sewing needle was found trapped inside the sanitary napkin and insists she did not place it inside. She had just purchased the pack of napkins from a convenience store on the same day of the incident before noticing the needle while in the bathroom.


Credit: Sanook


Netizens have commented that sanitary napkin companies in Thailand use automatic machines so it is very strange how a needle would end up inside the napkin. A user even stated that factories have scanners to make sure that incidents like this never happen. The woman captioned the post “Is this a promotion? Buy sanitary napkins and get a free sewing needle. Good thing I noticed it first or else!!!” #girls be careful and look carefully before using”. Kwan the Facebook user gave an interview to the Sanook News team on 30 August 2020. Kwan is really stressed from the backlash and states she has no reason to lie. 


Credit: Sanook


The incident took place on the 29th, the napkin came from a pack of 7 and is 25 centimeters long. Kwan opened the pack and took out the napkin and was about to use it when her hand touched the needle. At first, she thought it was just a loose thread but then she flipped the napkin over and saw the needle. She was shocked and felt lucky that the needle was found before she used it. Kwan decided to take pictures and share it on Facebook as a warning to other women but never expected the results. She never had bad intentions toward sanitary napkin companies. 



FB Caption:  “Is this a promotion? Buy sanitary napkins and get a free sewing needle”.


Source: Sanook