Thai chefs in demand worldwide

THAI food has become so popular across the world that the demand for Thai chefs has increased in a number of countries, the Department of Employment director-general Arrak Phrammani told New)108 free tabloid today.

Every year around 3,500 male and female Thai chefs go overseas to work earning an average salary of 40,000-90,000 baht a month. For example each year around 200 to 300 Thai chefs get jobs in European countries, particularly UK, earning approximately 60,000 baht a month.

Chef 2It is possible that the demand for Thai chefs will increase in Germany because Thai restaurants there now increasingly prefer hiring Thai workers with their net salary being 40,000-60,000 baht a month.

Mr Arrak added that the conditions for taking up employment overseas vary from country to country citing the example of Japan where chefs have to either have over 10 years of experience or pass level one of national skill standard test for chefs.

However United Arab Emirates does not require chefs to pass national skill standard test but they have to have a work permit. Thai chefs seeking jobs in Singapore have to get an S-pass which is a permit for foreign workers with mid-level skills.

Over the past five years the greatest demand for both male and female Thai chefs has been in Japan which accepted over 500 of these workers a year with the collective earnings totaling around 30 million baht a year.

The Department of Employment seeks to build up on this success and has set a target to send up to 4,000 Thai chefs overseas next year who would collectively earn minimum 2 billion baht a year.


TOP: The Thai head chef at Chat Thai restaurant in Sydney’s Haymarket area is busy cooking delicious food. Photo: Alpha, CC-By-2.0

INSET: Queuing for food is typical at many good Sydney restaurants including Chat Thai in Haymarket area. Photo: Alpha, CC-By-2.0

SOURCE: New)108 free daily newspaper.

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