Thousands gather in front of the Ministry of Finance.

Thousands gather in front of the Ministry of Finance (MOF)  asking for the 5,000 THB aid package from the government. This is the 2nd day where MOF has allowed citizens to come file complaints concerning the 5,000 Covid-19 aid package. The Ministry is located in Rama 6, Bangkok with citizens coming in from all over the country. Many have come to file complaints as they were deemed not eligible for the aid package while some didn’t know how to register.


Credit: Khaosod


People started to arrive just after 5 am on 1 May 2020. Bawonlak Rasameebunsrisuk 49 years old from Samut Prakan was the first to start the line, she then ended up giving up her spot to Gasorn Bunin 71 years old as she felt sorry for the grandmother. Bawonlak stated that she normally works in villages putting up advertising signs. She registered for the aid package on the first day available. The system stated that the registration was not complete so she hopes that an officer can help her re-register and see what the issue was.


Gasorn the granny stated that she doesn’t know how to register online. When she heard that the MOF was accepting complaints she decided to come all the way to Bangkok from Suphan Buri Province. She stayed over at her granddaughter’s home and left at 4 am. Gasorn works as a cook in Suphan Buri, the restaurant has been closed due to Covid-19 leaving her with no income. Wasanpat 54 years old waited in line with his 4-year-old daughter but decided to leave before having the chance to file a complaint. Wasanpat stated that there are too many people waiting in line and he believes that he won’t get the 5,000 THB anyway. He worked as a driver and lived with his boss. He has been fired and has to find a new place to live with no income.


Credit: Khaosod


People started arriving after 5 am and when 7 am came the line was already 500 meters long, Khaosod News reported. Officials expected there would be 400 people coming to file complaints, at 9 am the number was expanded to 600. The Ministry called in about 80 more officials to help accept complaints after they realized that at least 1,000 people were waiting in lines at 10.30 am. The number of persons receiving the 5,000 THB aid package per month is set at 16 Million. About 11 million have already received the aid package and officials will be re-evaluating the information sent in for the other 5 million.


FB Caption: Lines of people waited to file complaints concerning the 5,000 THB aid package from the government.


Source: Khaosod