Creatively moving ahead with Kraam

IN a world where almost everything has already been done it is difficult to break

fresh ground but this is exactly what Nye Estate Company has accomplished with

its new Kraam condominium located in Sukhumvit soi 26.


Mr Sutee focuses on details to come up with something different.
Mr Sutee focuses on details to come up with something different.


Sutee Limpanachaipornkul, this company’s managing director, said last week that

both he and the company’s CEO Ornruedi Na-Ranong have a lot of experience in

real estate having worked together at Univentures Plc while prior to that he also

was with Sansiri Plc and Lehman Brothers.


“Breaking new ground means doing something good which meets the public’s

needs but is not being done because of certain restrictions.”

“We look at why it is not being done and if done whether the result would be good.”

“Because we are a boutique developer and not listed on the stock market we don’t

have to build massively and have time to look at details and resolve problems.”


Nye Estate rose to fame with its Parc Priva single house development near

Thailand Cultural Center and then chased that up with its Quarter Collection

townhouse and single house projects in Sukhumvit soi 31, 39 and Thonglor.

However this company does have deep roots in the property market because the

major shareholder is Narai Property which is entrenched in the suburban

condominium sector but saw a good opportunity to move into the city center

through the new firm.


An outstanding feature of Kraam condominium is the hundred-year- old flame tree

which the developers have decided to keep because it is invaluable.

“This plot has a cool, nice homelike feeling and so we thought of building a

homelike condominium here and that’s the key word to its design.”


Mr Sutee explained that when you drive into a private residence there would be

space to conveniently park your car so likewise here all units have fixed parking

space. Moreover every unit has storage space in the car park to put away things

like golf clubs and tennis shoes which are a nuisance to lug up and down the lift.

“Wind blows all the time inside these condo homes because we have lots of

windows both in front and at the back.

“The problem with most condos is that they don’t get any wind because there are

windows on one side only.”

Kraam condominium’s special features ensure that it is really a home.

Kraam condominium’s special features ensure that it is really a home.


Houses are usually surrounded by trees which keep the sun out but it is not

possible to have such greenery on condominium floors. For this reason the

developers installed tripled-glazed windows for insulation.

“We wanted a lot of light to come into our units so the glass windows run up from

floor to ceilings and the ceiling is three meters high.”

Mr Sutee mentioned that Kraam is being pitched at both Thai and foreign buyers

but primary real end-users.

“Foreigners have bought a lot, 10% already … so far we have already sold 60%.”

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