Thaiwatsadu Expands Northward with Opening of “Thaiwatsadu x BnB home Chiang Mai San Sai Branch”

The newly established branch spotlights an extensive selection of home products, addressing the rising demands of both the construction and real estate sectors, while also catering to the recovery of the tourism industry.


Bangkok, September 7, 2023 – Thaiwatsadu, a prominent retailer specializing in construction materials and home decoration products, is proceeding with its branch expansion strategy as scheduled. The company, operating under CRC Thaiwatsadu Company Limited, a subsidiary of Central Retail, is making a substantial investment of over 400 million baht to open its first ‘new format’ branch in the northern region. This new branch, known as Thaiwatsadu x BnB home Chiang Mai San Sai, marks Thaiwatsadu’s 74th location in the country.


Thaiwatsadu is confident that the new branch will play a pivotal role in strengthening its business and providing customers with comprehensive solutions. The branch seamlessly merges construction materials from Thaiwatsadu with home decoration products from
BnB home, all within a vast retail space spanning over 20,000 square meters. This impressive store features more than 40,000 renowned brands.


In the same province, Thaiwatsadu also has the Thaiwatsadu Chiang Mai Branch opened earlier. It is situated in Saraphi District, serving as the pilot location in Chiang Mai Province.


According to Suthisarn Chirathivat, CEO of CRC Thaiwatsadu Co., Ltd. under Central Retail, the market for construction materials and home decorations continues to show positive indicators and a consistent trend of recovery nationwide. This positive trend is also mirrored in the northern region, where there has been a notable increase in demand for hardline products. This surge in demand can be attributed to several factors, including substantial investments from both domestic and international private sectors, and ongoing improvement projects for public utilities within the province, with policies aimed at boosting the tourism sector. Consequently, these developments have created an environment conducive to various types of businesses, leading to a continuous upward trend in big projects from real estate and hotel business groups.


Considering these influential factors, Thaiwatsadu has acted swiftly to set up the Thaiwatsadu x BnB home Chiang Mai San Sai Branch, marking its 74th branch in the country. This expansion is guided by several key strategies, which include:


  • Elevating the hardline retail sector by implementing the “CRC Retailligence” strategy for sustainable retail DNA


Thaiwatsadu has integrated a data analysis system from the Central Retail Group’s data ecosystem. This integration enables the company to provide products and services that comprehensively cater to customers’ purchasing needs, seamlessly bridging the gap between online and offline channels.


Additionally, the company’s commitment extends to the environment and surrounding communities through various initiatives, such as the installation of a solar roof with a 999 KWp on-grid system and a dedicated effort to enhance green spaces by planting large trees within its store premises. Additionally, Thaiwatsadu is actively engaged in promoting sustainability within the community. This includes creating over 300 employment opportunities and supporting local small entrepreneurs to foster mutual growth. Moreover, Thaiwatsadu positions itself as a trendsetter in the field of construction materials and home decorations, effectively catering to the exact needs of customers throughout the nation.


  • Establishing a strategic presence in promising locations


Chiang Mai serves as the economic hub of the Northern region, and within it, San Sai district stands out as a highly sought-after location with an array of large residential zones and enjoys close proximity to various amenities, including tourist attractions, hotels, accommodations, educational institutions, establishments, and department stores. Consequently, the real estate sector has witnessed substantial growth in housing estate projects within the San Sai district.


Therefore, Thaiwatsadu has made a strategic decision to establish a landmark in this location, offering the latest and most comprehensive selection of construction materials and home furnishing products. The objective of this decision is to seize market opportunities and serve over 120,000 households in San Sai and its surrounding areas.


  • Marking the first collaboration between Thaiwatsadu and BnB home in Northern Thailand


Thaiwatsadu is fortifying its hardline retail business by merging Thaiwatsadu with BnB home, marking the first branch of this format in the northern region following a positive reception in other areas. Located in Chiang Mai, San Sai, this branch provides a wide range of construction materials and home furnishing products tailored to diverse customer groups, including entrepreneurs, contractors, technicians, and general consumers. It encompasses essential categories such as structural products, electrical equipment, mechanical tools, kitchen furniture, and products for homes, hotels, and restaurants.


Additionally, the branch has introduced a comprehensive car service center known as ‘Auto1 Chiang Mai San Sai Branch’ to cater to the needs of car owners with a team of skilled and experienced technicians. To celebrate the branch’s opening, a special promotion is being offered, including a ‘Buy 3, Get 1 Free’ tire change offer, as well as discounts of up to 50% on engine oil, brake pads, and batteries.


“Chiang Mai’s growth is not limited to its Mueang District; it also includes the surrounding districts, such as San Sai. This district, with one of the highest population densities in the province and excellent transportation connectivity, presents a promising location. Thaiwatsadu’s latest branch expansion is poised to confidently meet the diverse needs of both Chiang Mai residents and those residing in nearby districts and provinces within the same region,” concluded Suthisarn.


In the year 2023, from January to September, Thaiwatsadu has successfully launched a total of 9 new branches, which include Thaiwatsadu x BnB home Rangsit Branch, Khlong 4; Thaiwatsadu Korat Hua Thale Branch; Thaiwatsadu x BnB home Phuket Chalong Branch; Thaiwatsadu Kamphaeng Phet Branch; Thaiwatsadu Chainat Branch; Thaiwatsadu x BnB home Mueang Ake Branch; Thaiwatsadu Loei Branch; Thaiwatsadu x BnB home Samut Prakan Branch; and Thaiwatsadu x BnB home Chiang Mai San Sai Branch. Besides, there are plans for continuous branch openings scheduled until December 2023.