Super-rich now want everything in their comfort zone

WHILE the fabulous lives of the super-rich most certainly includes an extravagantly designed condominium, they have now raised the ante by wanting their very own facilities, Niwat Aunprueng, senior partner of P Interior and Associates (PIA) said on Monday.

There has been a significant change over the past few years because those rolling in money have started to avoid sharing common facilities with other residents within the condominium and instead opt for a personal gym, steam or sauna, swimming pool and Jacuzzi.

Niwat A.This has led to developers reducing common facilities in the poshest residential buildings in the city.

“Before facilities used to be the key selling point of a condominium – big gym, big sauna, squash room among other things but now it has all changed because their units come equipped with all these amenities – they have to have everything within their comfort zone.”

Mr Niwat elaborated on what complete luxury means and among the requirements are an automatic car parking system, a personal lift, large living space and a big terrace.

“The grand living room has to have double volume ceiling, not lower than five to six meters, a show pantry with a separate heavy-duty kitchen, a shoes room, separate his and hers toilets and walk-in closets.”

This well-known designer reassured those who wonder if there are any buyers at this extremely lavish level by pointing out that developers are targeting all of Southeast Asia and there are investors who buy whole floors at a time not just individual units.

However money alone does not ensure good taste with Mr Niwat mentioning that there are some people who are so very rich but lack refinement leading to whatever they decorate turning into a disaster. At the same time there are those who have a low income but are artistic and this takes them half way to victory.

“But the rich mostly do have good taste because the majority have studied abroad and come into contact with the West.”

Even so, this Western education and exposure only helps them design something simple satisfactorily and they do need the help of a designer if they want to introduce something unique.

“Almost a hundred percent of them will hire a designer because they want someone to talk to and share design experiences with them.

“Sometimes they like two to three designs but can’t decide which one is best.”

Mr Niwat added that, for the super-rich, luxury and extravagance display their status – so that’s why they feel they need an enormous space and brand-name products.

“They don’t want anything else – brand-names come first, everything has to be expensive.”


TOP: A lavishly decorated dining room at a Canapaya condominium designed by P Interior and Associates.

INSET: Mr Niwat says good taste is half way to victory.

By Nanthida Kumari





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