Chinese mafia breaks into Thai girl’s room in China.

A Thai girl living in China was shocked when a group of Chinese people broke into her room. The apartment employees knew what was happening but did nothing to help. The story was first shared on TikTok by a user named “happyherb.official”. The account is owned by a Thai girl living in China. The girl stated some Chinese people were not happy with her because she accepted clothing review jobs. The video shows security footage of her front door. A group of people knocked on her door and then broke into her room.



The incident took place on 24 September 2023 when she was working in her room. At around 7 pm she heard a knock and asked who it was. There was no answer but she heard another knock and said “one moment”. When she walked to the door the group of people broke into her room. There were 3 men and 2 women who came into her room. They started searching around and asked if she lived alone. Then they showed her a picture of another woman and asked where this person was. The Thai girl told them she had no idea who they were looking for but they didn’t believe her. Someone had sent her address to the group.



The apartment employees saw what was happening from the start. They even heard when she was yelling at the group but no one came to help her or see what was happening. The next day she went to file a report with the police. The victim has been trying to find out what they wanted from her for 5 days and figured it had something to do with a job she had. This was a clothing review job she received directly from the owner. Friends have been sleeping over with the victim everyday since she cannot trust the apartment with their security.


Credit: Khaosod


FB Caption: The group of 5 broke into her room and started going through her belongings.

Credit: Khaosod